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by Sarah Barry   07/21/2014  

(To overcome the evil one)
1 John 2:1-29
Key Verse: 2:1,2,20

1. Read verses 1-2. Why does John write these words? How else does he do battle with sin? Who is our advocate–the one who speaks in our defense? What has he done to defeat sin?

2. Read verses 3-6. Who is it that we have come to know? What does it mean to know Jesus? (Jn 17:3) What shows that we know Jesus? What exposes liars who only claim to know him?

3. Read verses 7-11. What is the old command that is also new? (Jn 13:34-35) What is the truth that is seen in Jesus and in his disciples? (8) What shows that we live in the light? What is characteristic of one living in darkness? (9-11) What is the consequence of living in darkness? (11b)

4. Read verses 12-14. Note what is repeated. What does it mean to know him who is from the beginning? (13a,c,14a) What does it mean to overcome the evil one?(13b,14b,c) How are these two things related to the forgiveness of sins? (12) What is the key to forgiveness? What is the key to having strength to overcome?

5. Read verses 15-17. What other loves are mentioned here? What does it mean to love the world? To love the Father? What is the outcome of each?

6. Read verses 18-27. Why do some people not remain in Jesus or remain in the fellowship of believers? (18-19) What is the anointing from the Holy One? What identifies an antichrist? What does it mean to remain in the Son and in the Father? Why must we? How can we?

7. Read verses 26-27. What else does he say about the anointing? Why must we have the anointing? Read verses 28-27. What does it mean to “continue in him” and to “remain in him?” (24,Jn 15:5-7) To be born of him? (Jn 1:12-13, 3:3)

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