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M. Sarah Barry's 2015 Review


My key verse for 2015 was Matthew 6:33–“Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be yours as well.” Some of those with whom I studied accepted this verse also. Francis & Theresa married by faith.  Seeking to put God’s kingdom first, she went back to Uganda; he quit his job and started studying in a master’s program, preparing to be a short term missionary.

Msn Isaac and Rebecca Kim invited us to visit his family in beautiful Redding, Ca, on my birthday. I had to postpone the visit. My brother Tom was critically ill, so I felt that I should be with his family. Mark and Anna Yang and I drove to Boone, NC to be with my brother Tom’s family on my birthday and their wedding anniversary. It was the last one we would spend together. He was fighting battle with cancer. I visited Tom once more before he died. It was after a Kimnet meeting in Charlotte. His last words to me were, “See you at the Resurrection.” 

On May 29, I was studying 1:1 with Annie Lee, when my nephew Frank called. The message was simple. “Away from the body; at home with the Lord.”  I prayed that in death as in life he might glorify God. I am 10 months older than he.  He grew as a Christian at the Naval Academy. He passed missionary vision and inductive Bible study on to his children and grandchildren. He was far ahead of me in many ways. He mastered Greek and Hebrew and trained several granddaughters to read the Bible in Greek and Hebrew. His wife Anna was a most suitable helper for him. She was and is a good friend of mine. Their 4 sons are fine Christian men. 28 grandchildren have Christian identity. One is in central Asia as a missionary with MAF.

I attended the IEB in Korea (February 21). We prayed for unity among our staff–missionary and staff. Mark Vu suffered because of a slipped disk. He didn’t complain and was a good soldier from first to last. My prayer was that we might seek first God’s kingdom and that the peace of Christ might rule in our hearts and in his body, the church.

There are many people to whom I and for whom I am thankful. I cannot repay their help and friendship. Two of them are David and Sarah B. I am also grateful to Anna Toh who comes by faithfully to share God’s word and pray with me. She has traveled with me, made power point for messages and has been a good friend. I thank God for Sam & Anna’s God-pleasing ministry in HBF and I pray for Francis, Helen and Christine–coworkers who are growing as disciples of Jesus. I’m thankful for Little-Sarah who has a heart for students. And for God’s gift –Mary Dang ,daughter of Dr. John and Sarah Little.  I am grateful to God for sending Mark and Anna Yang to live and work with us in our house, in Chicago and around the world. They are fruitful disciple makers where ever they are. And good friends. I thank God for Monica Barry who is most faithful in writing and posting testimonies every week. She sets a standard that I can’t begin to reach. I thank God for Yvonne who struggles on many fronts to live by faith and prayer. I’m grateful for Jin Yeong, (our household could not function without her) and she sings! Caleb and Sarah Son Kim’s family (Yohan and Ian). They are always there for us—cooking, driving and studying and praying for NP University students. And fixing computers. I thank God for Pastor Ron who loves the Bible and digs deep to study and prepare the message each week. I’m grateful for Pastor Kevin who is a very good messenger and who is a real pastor for the neighborhood church and for Northwestern. I thank God for Sh. Alan who has a strong sense of stewardship for Northwestern and who takes care of Northwestern coworkers behind the scenes. I am grateful for Dr. James and Dr. Sarah Kim who pioneers UBF since their medical student days in Seoul. I am grateful for Dr. Augustine Sohn’s mindfulness and patience and I repent of being a disobedient patient. God blessed shp Steve and Amy with four boys. I am grateful for Elijah Park who hosted all the visitors who came to Chicago. I am thankful for Professor Shepherd Dr Helen whom God used for Loyola and Wright College ministries. I am thankful for P Abraham and msn Sarah Kim and msn Grace A Lee for her faithful letter-writing ministry. I am thankful for Dr Jose and msn Maria Ahn whose traveling ministry bring body of UBF together through pictures and reports. I thank for msn Isaac and Rebekah Choi for their traveling ministry for CBF. I am very thankful for P Teddy and shp. Liz Hembekides for their example of overcoming faith. May the peace of Christ rule in their hearts.


Missionary Efrain and Eugenia’s Peru ministry was heart moving. God is working there. May he continue to bless Jorge and Caty, the first house church. Before and after my trip to Peru (Nov 27-30) I realized that I have become physically weaker. I pray that God may restore my strength. Thank you Lord for helping me to deliver a message on Col 3:15. January 3, 2016–Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts since as members of one body you were called to peace. (This was the message I gave in Peru) It became my new key verse.

 “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts. And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” The peace of Christ is like a referee who blows the whistle when I lose the rule of Jesus’ peace in my heart. 

Lord, thank you for being with me throughout 2015.

God gave me opportunity to prepare and deliver 4 messages at Sunday Worship services: “Seek first His Kingdom”, “Have a same mindset as that of Christ Jesus”, “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts” in NY and in Peru. I went to NY twice for two weddings. Liz and John’s wedding; Becky and Ryan’s wedding. 

In 2015, God worked mightily in establishing godly homes through UBF ministries all over the world: April & Sean, Dr Vin & Franky, Diana & Leibins and Sunny & Matt married as cross-cultural mission families. Sunny stayed in our common life house for 11 months before she married Matt. Nate & Marie, Deborah & Gunsu, John & Sumin established house church. Danny & Mandy’s marriage was as an answer much prayer. And I rejoiced with Chois.     

I STUDIED BIBLE WITH: Annie Lee, Grace So, Francis Choi, Becky Han, Sunny Wu, Birgit Pierce, Anna Guihan, Ruth Shim, young David Shin, Mary S Yoon, Anna Toh, Elisabeth Chung, Sarah Chung jr, Andrew Chaa (skype), Miriam Cowen, Hannah Barry, Caleb Kim, Mary Choi, Samuel Kim, Jin Yeong Kim, Ju young Kim, Hanna You.  

As we live in the midst of God’s history, may the peace of Christ rule in our hearts. 

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